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There is no doubt a good head shot portrays a professional image, we at DK Capture Photography have an excellent reputation within the local area of Bournemouth and Poole and believe our skills and passion for headshot photography allows us to createstriking images for every client

Headshots for Business Entrepreneurs

We know Entrepreneur’s want to stand out and be noticed, we also know that people instantly make up their minds on whether they want to work with a company or individual, getting a first impression over is so important.

Investing in a professional photograph image; and not relying on a “good selfie” is fundamental to your business.                               

Headshots for Business Professionals

Business Headshots –Are you looking for a business headshot for a C.V., or are you a sole trader wanting to attract new clients?  People buy from people we can make that decision in an instant. It doesn’t have to be an old fashion staged look either, we will place you in sets and “poses” that will enhance the light and overall image.  There is no doubt a good image will be taken more seriously.     

Personal Headshots

Now we all know first impressions count massively on dating websites!  Again you can opt for the “good selfie” but here you want to make the most of your natural looks.                           

Actors, Dancers, Self Promotion and Performers

Perhaps you have a couple of looks you want to capture as a dancer, actor or performer?  Different lighting, different looks and poses is so important for the role you are applying for.  We have a few different sets that we can use and also provide a mixture of finished looks.