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DK Capture Photography believes our passion for headshot photography combined with our strong style and understanding of light and composition create stunning images for every client. Based in Bournemouth near Poole in Dorset. We have an excellent reputation for creating bespoke photography both in studio and on location.

Headshots for Business Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur Headshots – No doubt as an entrepreneur your goal is to be noticed and stand out from the crowd.
Searching online, people instantly make up their minds about you and whether they want to work with you, primarily from your profile and importantly the photo you use. It’s therefore no surprise that it is vitally important you get it right and make a great first impression.
We know it is easier and “less time” away from your business to have an old picture as a profile image, or a selfie picture from your phone.  However investing that time and getting a good shot is fundamental to your business. 
We have created an enjoyable experience in the studio, naturally connecting with our clients and bringing out the real being relaxed equals fantastic images and we guarantee you will be amazed at the results. We know most professionals that walk through our studio doors do not feel they are photogenic at all, so, our goal is to capture you as naturally as possible.

Headshots for Individual Business Professionals


Business Headshots - Whether you are looking for a business headshot as part of your personal brand, or your C.V., it is a well known fact that people buy from people and we can make that decision in an instant. Headshots don’t have to be boring, make yours dynamic, one that people will remember.  It is what will set you apart from everyone else.

Recruitment agencies, business partners, headhunters will take you seriously if your brand image is professional. We use our experience and natural skill to make you relaxed and capture your personality. We have a number options for company team headshot shoots and individual headshot shoots depending on your usage requirements.


Headshots for Online Dating

Dating Website Profile Headshots - Without doubt, the one place where your photograph is as important as the words you use is Online Dating. 
Your image needs to reflect the true you and of course it needs to show you are open and authentic.

Actors, Dancers, Self Promotion and Performers

Actors, Dancers and Performers - Whether you are an actor, dancer or performer making sure you have a good headshot is essential to you standing out from the crowd
Choosing the right headshot photographer and getting the right image is something you need to consider very carefully.
As an actor portraying yourself in different styles is key, so having a variety of shots portraying different looks and emotions is important.  Casting teams for corporate roles will want to see you in a professional light - suited and booted.  Therefore on the day of the shoot we will take a few different styles and outfits to capture different looks. We use a combination of set up's with a mixture of colour, black and white and some more casual than traditional.
Taking the time to consider what headshots you use as an actor is vital, as it can be the difference between getting an audition and not.